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  Jiujiang birch xin electric co., LTD、Kunshan birch nan electric appliance co., LTD. Is a collection of power equipment research and development、Manufacturing and sales35KV、24KV、10KVHigh and low voltage electric power transmission and distribution of complete sets of electrical equipment、Box-type substation、Open and close、Cable connection box、Reactive power compensation device、Electric energy metering box、Power transformer、Distribution box、High and low voltage components、Electric power automation system for the integration of modern high-tech manufacturing enterprises。
  Companies focus on product development,Developed at the same time,Continue to strengthen quality control,Actively with the international advanced quality control mode,Full implementationISO9001Quality system management,Set up perfect quality guarantee system,Products are availableCQCNational mandatory product(CCC)Authentication certificate,And successively obtained“Contract”The unit、“Civilized unit”、“AAA”Grade credit enterprise、And other honorary titles。Company to quality as the life of the enterprise,Adhere to the business scale,Scientific management,Brand internationalization development。
  Companies adhere to the market as the guidance,Quality is the life,Science and technology as the power,Benefit as the goal of enterprise business philosophy。Birch xin electrical management objective is“Strives for the survival by the quality”,With reliable quality,Perfect and considerate service to the society,Dominated by science and technology innovation,Vigorously promote energy、The harmonious development of environment。

GCKLow voltage switch equipment

MNSThe low-voltage drawer-type switch

MNSThe low-voltage drawer-type switch

GGDLow voltage switch equipment

GCSLow voltage draw-out switch cabinet

GCSThe low-voltage drawer-type switch

Vietnam toyama project

China railway east China headquarters base project

China railway construction Shanghai poly hyatt project

Our country electric power reform going into deep water
There are signs,Our country electric power reform also going into deep water area。In the near future,The research center“383Solution”In the eight key areas of reform are put forward,One of them is explicitly mentioned power part,Said it was“In order to break the monopoly、Promote competition......
Shandong province to speed up the implementation of photovoltaic power generation subsidies
Distributed photovoltaic power generation project management approach》It remains to be the national energy administration11Month,But local governments have begun to action。《The daily economic news》The reporter learns from shandong province development and reform commission (NDRC),The committee has recently issued inside《About the report2013In a distributed and photovoltaic power generation project2014In the implementation plan》(Hereinafter referred to as《Notice》),To support the development of distributed photovoltaic industry。Shandong province development and reform commission (NDRC) said,Shandong will photovoltaic power station in the country on the basis of a feed-in tariff increase0.2Yuan/KWH。
The boom of our country electric power industry four liters
In the third quarter,Integrated by climate index for the electric power industry99.9,Continuous4A quarter to keep rising;Await your early warning index of electric power industry83.3,And in the last quarter was flat。
Smart grid development in our country should pay attention to independent technology innovation
Power grid investment,There was a progress space,The Chinese government attaches great importance to the smart grid development,For two consecutive years will develop wisdom power into the government work report,And in China《Twelfth five-year plan for national economic and social development program》,Made it clear:“Development of high voltage and large capacity、High efficiency、Long-distance transmission technology,Relying on the information、Advanced technology such as control and energy storage,Promoting the construction of smart grid。”The development of uhv grid and wisdom,It is an important content of national energy strategy。


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